Facing Down Dust Bunnies and Other Beasts

It started innocently enough. I knocked a saucer off the kitchen counter and onto the floor where it broke into four pieces, the first two landing at my feet, the third commandeered by my cat as a toy and the fourth missing in action. I looked all over the kitchen for that final piece, crawling […]

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My Own Best Teacher

I’ve been restless lately, feeling stuck and dissatisfied, treading, yet again, on paths of depression worn so well in my mind that they’re seemingly permanent. My determination to re-route these paths, though – to create beautiful new neural pathways as my friend Sue puts it – is just as persistent. So yesterday, in an attempt […]

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Prayer Beads & the Pursuit of Happiness

About a year ago, I bought some prayer beads from a little shop downtown. I don’t recall what prompted this acquisition, no doubt it was inspired by some article I’d read, a theory I’d latched onto. The beads are lovely, an irregular rainbow, copper next to coal-black next to mustard, pale mauve, Caribbean green. They […]

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