Things I Gave Away: Today’s Shortlist

• Parenting books, some of which I never read. In some cases, the title alone was lesson enough: “How To Behave So Your Children Will Too” by Sal Severe. Well-put Sal.

• Booking appointments back-to-back, especially if any of the timing is contingent on my teenager getting out of bed on time.

• Multi-tasking in the morning – I accidentally sent one daughter to school with a slab of raw bacon this week instead of the intended two slices of pepperoni pizza.

• A pale-pink bra that was the ideal colour and fit, but inexplicably irritated my skin in a place that was exactly impossible to itch. Is it just me, or is the perfect piece of clothing an oxymoron?

• No more super-sized jars of “just peanuts” peanut butter! Have you ever tried to stir a mega-jar of this stuff? It’s a one-way street to peanut-induced carpal tunnel syndrome. I’m sticking to the small jars, with their manageable stirring-quantities.