Clean Sweep, Fresh Start

Clean sweep crop

Long time, no post. Maybe it is time to come back? I am, after all, in the midst of a re-shaping of my household, routing things out, re-arranging, de-cluttering, cleaning, reconsidering it all….

My husband and younger daughter are in Kentucky, watching the World Equestrian Championships an event that takes place only every four years. World class competitors from all over the globe. Much drama. Dippin’ dots, too. What this means is that there are two fewer folks to look after.

(And later when my I help my daughter put together a school project with pictures from her trip, I’ll discover that I didn’t get the fully story on the allegedly father-daughter-only trip from my husband. Sigh. What else is new? But more on that some other day.)

And me? I am home cleaning the stove and scrubbing baseboard trim with a toothbrush. It may sound strange but I am happy as a pig in mud in my home, on my own and on a whirlwind tour of cleaning and organizing.

Read, eat, clean. Is there more to life? Probably. Just not today. Stay tuned.

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