Warrior Girl Dashing with creaky knees….T-8 and counting

Is it too late for glucosamine?


Lyric of the day:  “There’s something about you girl… that makes me sweat” Need You Tonight, INXS (1987) 

Yeah, that would probably be the fact that I am running up a ski hill in 25 degree weather.

Today’s Training:

  • 2-mile warm-up laps on bike
  • 800-metre run
  • Tons of obstacles (including an inordinate number of tires)
  • 800-metre run
  • Lunges uphill (my version of “Hell’s Hill”)

And this is where I had to stop because my knees were complaning. I don’t always hear them, my knees, despite their clear protests.  Usually they feel stiff and reluctant at the outset of a run, but today I noticed mid-lunge, that they were really not pleased with all this repeated bending.  So I stopped (imagine!) and hopped on my bike (okay, so I didn’t completely stop).  I rode a slow lap until I felt more comfortable, and then finished off with virtual haystack climbing and a final 800 metre run (okay, I think I stopped short by about 100 metres). I was rather demoralized by the whole cranky knee episode. I didn’t even stretch afterward (for shame!), but instead sat down on a Muskoka chair on my front porch where I was seriously nattered at by two grey catbirds. I should know better. It is not as though my knees haven’t been complaning since I was, oh, 21 years-old.  Ah well, there’s always yoga, no?