Warrior Girl Dashing… T-6 and counting

This is Shade. Shade is your friend. So is its cousin, Breeze.

Today’s Training:  Full Course 5km+ with 12 obstacles

Lyric of the day: I hope you know, I hope you know
That this has nothing to do with you
It’s personal, myself and I

Big Girls Don’t Cry, Fergie

I ran the entire course! I didn’t stop during any of the running portions. I used all the tools I’ve accumulated these last couple of weeks to keep going, and keep going I did. I am so proud of myself — no, maybe be relieved is a better word? Relieved to know that if I didn’t do another stitch of training that I can show up at the starting line next week knowing that I can conquer this beast and not die in the process. Maybe even have fun.  Imagine.

It was a sticky July day even at 5 pm when I hit the road (well, and grass). I took advantage of every pool of shade I could find, breathed deeply of every cool breeze that offered itself.  I discovered, too, that if I just moved through the occasional tough parts, it got easier again. A downhill appeared, my breathing evened out, a neighbour waved to cheer me on.

I warmed up on my feet today, too, not on my bike, since that is what I will be doing  on race day. Next, maybe I will try a run without the IPOD, since I won’t have that when I am warrior-dashing either. What I will have is fellow competitors: allies, family and friends, new and old.   Can’t wait!