Keeping it in the Family: Taking our Daughters to Work


The Exec VP's Office

(McKenzie NewsWire) Lisa James, President and CEO of Lisa C James Professional Corporation is pleased to announce the appointment of Lindsay E.J. McKenzie as Executive Vice-President, Employee Benefits. In her new position, Ms. McKenzie  will assume administration of all extended medical insurance claims including out-of-country expenses for the firm’s sole employee and her family members. Ms. James noted that “with Lindsay’s strong academic background and demonstrated work ethic, she promises to be a key player in the administration of the company’s affairs. Down the line, I believe that she will be a strong candidate for the document management portfolio as well.”  Ms. McKenzie is currently working for McKenzie Domestic Operations Branch (McDob) with responsibilities in the laundry, Roomba and girls’ bathroom cleaning departments. Her current compensation package covers IPhone service fees. About her new position, Ms. McKenzie said “I am especially excited about getting new desk accessories as I believe that an aesthetically pleasing and organized work environment is a key feature to the company’s ongoing success.”  

Ms. McKenzie is also in early negotiations for a coaching position with a local cheerleading firm and is exploring job opportunities with a fast food franchise located in Severn, north of Orillia.