Warrior Girl Dashing ….T-22 and counting

Keep your eyes up and your tail will follow.

Today’s Training:

  • 2 1-mile laps on my bike
  • 2 warrior loops:
    • 800 m run
    • Crawl under trampoline, run, crawl
    • 20 dips, 25 crunches, 10 situps
    • Forest run
    • 2 laps of the tires

Lyric of the Day: “You’re the only road that I know, You show me where to go”, Drive my Soul, Lights

On the first day of training, my shoulders began to ache while I was running around the block. Like that makes any sense, I thought. My shoulders? Then I realized that I was looking down at the road directly in front of me, my focus only a meter or two in front of my feet. My head tilted down, my shoulders hunched forward. Of course, that makes perfect sense. Like the headaches I get when I’ve been slouched at my desk for hours.  So I looked up and ahead, far down the road, naturally lifting my chin and drawing my shoulders back in the process. I picked a pine tree in the distance to focus on, and when that became too close a target, I found another tree further down the road, then another, and another, until I found myself am staring at a tall spruce well past my final destination (the mailbox). My shoulders didn’t hurt anymore and somehow, the running got easier, too.

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