T-15 Warrior Girl Reporting Late

What Happened

Uh, I dunno.

Lyric of the Day, “The lean and hungry type”, Maneater, Hall & Oates

Day T-15`s training consisted of many hours at the computer followed by a concert at Casino Rama. Yes, yes, I know.  Not a whole lot of cardio going on there. But I did learn this: a really great way to get in shape would be to make like Everett Bradley. Everett, a ridiculously talented individual, was playing percussion at the Hall and Oates show. Bongos, tambourine, and so forth. I have never seen such energy, such joie de vivre, such non-stop joyous motion in all my life.  Everett has biceps as big as my head and a voice to match. I figure if you want to be a warrior, Make Like Everett would be as good a motto as any.

You can see Everett live on the Do What You Want, Be What You Are Tour and you can glimpse his insane energy online on Live from Daryl`s House, a show featuring Daryl Hall and all manner of other talented musicians, playing together and talking about music and life in general. (For an especially good episode featuring thoughtful discussion among talented musicians with great voices and good hair,  see the John Rzeznik episode.)  Yeah, Yeah, I know. I got back to my real training on T-14, so relax already.

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