Warrior Girl Walking… T-2 and counting

Today’s training: Relax and eat strawberries hand-picked by my mom and dad. Walk two miles. Try not to speedwalk (easier said than done)

Lyric of the day: No lyrics, just the haunting piano crescendos of Crash by Kate Beneteau. The tune keeps running circles in my head. You can hear it at Reverbnation.

A friend of my husband`s forwarded a first-hand report from a previous race, the highlights of which were:

… people of all shapes and sizes on course including many non-athletic types (That`s re-assuring).

…  racers in later waves caught up to participants who had started earlier….resulting in bottlenecks at obstacles and consequent standing around to wait one`s turn (I guess that means built-in mandatory rest stops?)

… the event was physically and psychologically challenging, “makes a marathon feel like a walk in the park” (As a non-distance-runner, I have a hard time believing that, but I will consider myself amply warned.)

One last day of rest tomorrow and then on to the starting line!

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