Warrior Girl Walking… T-2 and counting

Today’s training: Relax and eat strawberries hand-picked by my mom and dad. Walk two miles. Try not to speedwalk (easier said than done) Lyric of the day: No lyrics, just the haunting piano crescendos of Crash by Kate Beneteau. The tune keeps running circles in my head. You can hear it at Reverbnation. A friend […]

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Warrior Girl Sick….T-17 and counting

Well, I`m not really sick, in the sense of being hospitalize or otherwise indisposed. But I certainly don`t feel like hauling my a—around the block. Body’s way of saying please rest? Lyric of the Day:  Gonna lay me down to sleep, unknown, lullaby Today`s Training:  uh, visualization?

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Warrior Girl Resting….T-20 and counting

Today’s Training: rest 3 1-mile laps, walking at different times over the course of the day Lyric of the Day: “We never quit, we never rest on the floor”, On the Floor, Jennifer Lopez ft. Pit Bull This leads to: “It’s getting ill, It’s getting sick on the floor” and since we don’t want that, […]

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