Warrior Girl Dashing…T-10 and counting

I gave these a rest today.

Lyric of the day:  “Maybe you’re reason why all the doors are closed
So you could open one that leads you to the perfect road”
Firework, Katy Perry

Today’s Training:  long nap

10 training days remain.  My plan today was to run hills, either in town or making the 20 minute trek to Horseshoe Valley to run up ski hills. My body, however, had another plan in mind: rest.

10 days remaining also gave me pause to look back over the training I`ve done in the last two weeks, and what I would like to accomplish before July 9. I`ve sketched out a schedule of course-length training workouts, with easier sessions woven in lest I overdo it. I also have a session booked en famille at Tree Top Trekking to tune-up my climbing skills. In my next life, I would really love to be a monkey.

10 days remaining also gave me time to reflect on what I’ve learned:

  • Make like Everett and have fun. Walk if I want to and dance in my mind’s eye.
  • Eat, drink water and be scary
  • Try
  • Look up and ahead
  • Yes, the training of daily life counts…otherwise I couldn’t be strong enough to doing what I’m doing
  • Eat. You are too scrawny, dear.
  • The word is nauseated, not nauseous. Who knew?


Nauseated means feeling about to vomit, while nauseous means causing or able to cause nausea.  On second thought, maybe my subconscious editor is playing tricks on me. Consider this:

T-12: “…I feel nauseous already and I don’t even have my shoes on.” I had that exactly right, even thought I wrote it exactly wrong. Even before I left the house, I was making myself sick with my thinking.  T-19: “Nothing makes me feel nauseous like running distance.” That’s right. Nothing makes me feel like making myself feel nauseated like thinking about running distance…

Hilarious. Or just metaphysically correct.

Perhaps I need to work on my optimism bias, “the inclination to overestimate the likelihood of encountering positive events in the future and to underestimate the likelihood of experiencing negative events.”  This book looks like a fascinating read. One reviewer noted: “…the book does alert us to the fact that our brains can provide a distorted view of reality without us realizing it.”  Yeah, no kidding.