Coming Home

It’s been ages since I’ve been here. Almost two years. In that time, I’ve thought, repeatedly, that I should let go of this blog and WarriorGirl, these online homes I dreamt up, crafted and tended with such care for so long. I let them go, abandoned them. I let them grow weedy with de-activated plug-ins. Isn’t that […]

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Paradise Reconsidered

We’ve had this place for eleven years now. A two-story, three bedroom condo tucked away in a quiet town called Jupiter on the Atlantic coast of Florida. We bought it in 2004, the year of the big hurricanes, Charlie, Francis, Ivan and Jeanne. I remember my first trip here and seeing the detritus that still lay […]

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It’s not Fashion. It’s Mission.

I’m not good at jewellery, at least not as a fashion statement. I have lots of pretty things hanging on a corkboard in my closet, but there are only a few pieces that I wear with any regularity, rings and necklaces that I take off only if I’m rock climbing, working with power tools or handling […]

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The First Principles of Laundry: Part Two

Here are the final six First Principles from my new book. Thanks to Keesha Freskiw for her sweet illustrations. Picking up from last week, these are a few ideas to smooth the wrinkles in your laundry path: 6.     Check the care label. Care labels are to clothes what the owner’s manual is to your car. […]

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A Short Excerpt from The Laundry List

I finally handed off the manuscript for my first book to the publisher. To celebrate, I am posting a short excerpt here on TIGA. I wrote this book for my daughter, Lindsay, in celebration of her graduation from high school. It’s called The Laundry List: All the things I forgot to tell you about laundry and […]

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The Best Mother’s Day Gift Ever

Check this out: So what is it, you ask? It is my Mother’s Day gift, one of the best most thoughtful gifts I’ve ever received. It’s from my daughters, Lindsay and Sarah. On each tiny scroll in the bottle, a message is written, a “positive thought”, such as “if you want light to come into […]

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Mark My Words or, Something Funny Happened on the Way to a Writer’s Conference

My daughter and I recently attended a writing conference hosted by the American Society of Journalists and Authors in New York City. Or rather, we crashed it. Though the ASJA does invite the general public, the majority of attendees are ASJA members, folks who have met rigorous membership standards and can therefore call themselves professional […]

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Where I’ve Needed to Be

I haven’t been here lately. I’ve been busy warming apple cider for my old daughter to take on her forty-minute drive to cheerleading practice. I found the biggest jug of cider in town, and she downed it in two days. I’ll go out and buy more before the day is out. I’ve brought my younger […]

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