Warrior Girl Riding Uphill…T-5 and counting

Do not pass go.


Today’s Training: 8-mile bike including 3 1-mile uphills (yes, the dreaded hill from T-12)

Whereupon I popped off my bike and into my running shoes thinking I would finish up with a 1-km cool-down run. My right knee had other ideas: stop, stop, for the love of Pete, STOP!   It took a few hundred metres for me to really hear to my knee. Oh its just stiff. Oh, it`ll adjust in a few minutes. Oh, it is just … wow, that is annoying.  I did a few high knee lifts, followed by stopping momentarily and stretching my quadricep, in the idiotic belief that would somehow help. I finally gave up and hobbled back home to an ice pack and chagrin. Dang, just when I was starting to really go…

Lyric of the Day:  “Feet fail me not” Lose Yourself, Eminem

OK, technically, I suppose that should be knees fail me not. 

In other news, this was my IPOD-free training day.  Granted, I was riding a bike and riding a bike in-town is dangerous enough without earphone-induced deafness increasing the odds of becoming roadkill.  I have to admit an IPOD-free bike ride is not on a par with an IPOD-free training run. Still.  We take it where we can get it.

I`ve been studying the Warrior Dash map again. Yup, that is definitely a run up alongside the snow tube hill followed by a run up the ski hill. Excellent. Just what my knees need. Uh, no. That would be rest. Just like your husband said when you told your knees were stiff yesterday.  I hate it when he`s right.