Trophies I Gave Away

Trophies from my run, bike & swim life in the mid 1990s
And away they went, six trophies from the run-bike-swim days of my mid-to-late twenties. Medals from cross-country ski  races. Toastmaster ribbons and certificates. A celebratory mug from law school… why is it that we keep these things? Come to think of it, why do we collect them in the first place? A question like that could keep you up nights if you let it.
Next on the list: t-shirts from mountain bike races, sailing regattas, triathlons and 5km races. Note that I’m wearing a Family Fun Run t-shirt from Disney World circa 1997. And let’s not forget the baseball hats (on my head, a paint-stained black beauty sporting the corporate logo of some golf-tourney sponsor).

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