Warrior Girl Dashing….T-21 and counting

Trail ‘o’ Tire death

Today`s Training:

• 3 1-mile laps on my bike
• 800 m run
• Circuit: monkey bars, pine forest dash, monkey bars, crawl under the trampoline
• 5 laps of the tires.

At this point, I walked because I was tired. (13 1/2 mins??!!)

• Rolled the four tires from the garage to the back corner of the yard and ran back again
• 800 m run stopped short of the finish line when I throbbing pain started in my left temple.
• cooldown, walk, stretch, write

Holy smokes, Bambi. We’ve got a long way to go.  I have to remember not to go to fast off the start, today’s lyric notwithstanding. I added another four songs to my playlist to bring the total time up to an hour (intended to include warm-up and cool-down). I added another four tires to the high stepping portion of the training grounds, too. Michelin 205 studless. My snow tires. I swore I wouldn’t do this. I didn’t want to damage them. (Can you damage snowtires?) But, I have to step-up the training.

Lyric of the day: “There’s a fire, starting in my heart.” Rolling in the Deep, Adele

It would be excellent if that fire would last longer than 13 ½ minutes.

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