Warrior Girl Dashing ….T-3 and Counting

2010-04-24 windsurfer 002
Out of the garage and onto the water


Today’s Training:  1-hour windsurfer wrestling and 2.6 km run

Lyric of the Day:  “I don’t play no games so don’t-don’t-don’t get it confused no
Cause you will lose yeah”

On the Floor, Jennifer Lopez feat. Pit Bull

I didn’t really want to windsurf. I was simply yielding to my husband’s wishes in a fit of spousal comity. When I finally wedged myself into a wetsuit and clambered onto the board, I found myself faced with an alarming prospect: the wind might actually catch the sail, send me flying across the water and strand me on the other side of the lake. Accordingly, I listened to my husband`s instructions and half-heartedly did what I was told, figuring I could abandon ship soon enough.  Something shifted, though, when he left me alone to go pull his own board into the water. A whiff of the physical challenge got under my skin. I was strong enough to do this, just inexperienced, as if that was ever a deterrent.  An hour later, I was still in the water, having managed a few short rides, mostly unintentional, the wind doing all the work while I fumbled with my grip.  On again, off again, on, off, on, off, I hauled the water-sodden sail up out of the water then attempted to manoeuvre it into position. Turns out this is a decent workout for the core and upper body, not to mention an excellent exercise in humility.  By the end of it, I was ready for a nap.

And after the nap, I ran.

The run was intended to road-test my knees which, after a ten-minute pounding, finally warmed up and proved themselves ready to go.  Stiff, but passable. After yesterday`s foray at the ski resort, where the downhill sections were especially punishing, I was seriously worried that my knees would not be up to this Saturday`s challenge. My knees were fine; my mind, on the other hand, needed work.

The first mile passed pleasantly enough. I happily contemplated my friend Ruchama’s question about why I do this. Because I like feeling strong, I thought. I remembered to look up and ahead, to make like Everett and have fun, but somewhere around the beginning of mile-2 my mind started to wander. I swatted at my IPOD when the wrong song came on, as if there is such a thing as the wrong song. Work with what is in front of you, a small stern voice finally said. Then I began doing mental calculations of time and distance, forgetting to listen to my body`s directives about pacing. Soon enough I was feeling lousy. Eventually, I caught on to the mental game, backed off the speed and tuned in to the sound of drums and tambourine. Dance in your head. Smile. Have fun. And when my body finally said, enough already, I stopped to walk, even though my mind whined all the while oh come on, you can do another mile. Yup, I could, but no, I’m not going to right now.  A warrior girl has to know when to stop as much as when to go.

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