It’s not Fashion. It’s Mission.

I’m not good at jewellery, at least not as a fashion statement. I have lots of pretty things hanging on a corkboard in my closet, but there are only a few pieces that I wear with any regularity, rings and necklaces that I take off only if I’m rock climbing, working with power tools or handling […]

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Close Mouth, Open Heart.

  Have you ever been sitting in yoga class with your legs folded neatly beneath you, eyes closed and hands pressed together in prayer, when suddenly your beloved yoga teacher says: “Keep your heart open.” And did you ever wonder, “how the heck do I do that?” This happens to me on a regular basis […]

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The Gift I won’t Unwrap this Christmas

I am sitting on the floor of the living room, wrapping a Christmas gift for my husband, when a scene from Christmas past unfolds in my mind. I spin back seven or eight years, to a time when my daughters were younger, when Santa Claus was still plausible (they still talk about the time the […]

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A One Bedroom Apartment with a Plant

Lately my husband has been urging me to prepare for the future. “I’ll be dead in five years,” he says, “and you’ll be living in a one-bedroom apartment with a plant.” Have I mentioned his flair for sensationalizing? Probably comes from his taking in too many Business Week magazine covers. Oh, and if this talk […]

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I had another post planned, a light and funny piece. Today, though, I’m not feeling light or funny. Maybe that’s because it is November. Grey, slushy, damp November.  Maybe it is the date, a date inscribed with such fury in my journal that I have to look away from the pages, close the cover and […]

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Guilty as Charged: I’m an UDDer

  Not much points up spousal differences like clothing choices in the face of lousy weather. Today, in the face of high winds, chill air and scattered showers, I gather heavy weather gear for the morning stroll with my husband: fleece-lined jeans that make my legs look like stovepipes, a wool sweater and a thick, […]

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The Field Between

  Out beyond ideas of right doing and wrong doing, there is a field: I’ll meet you there.  It sounds so easy, doesn’t it? So effortless. The answer to everything from spats with spouses to world peace, except for this one small detail: it takes  years of mistakes to learn how to do it. Like […]

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