It’s not Fashion. It’s Mission.

I’m not good at jewellery, at least not as a fashion statement. I have lots of pretty things hanging on a corkboard in my closet, but there are only a few pieces that I wear with any regularity, rings and necklaces that I take off only if I’m rock climbing, working with power tools or handling […]

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Close Mouth, Open Heart.

  Have you ever been sitting in yoga class with your legs folded neatly beneath you, eyes closed and hands pressed together in prayer, when suddenly your beloved yoga teacher says: “Keep your heart open.” And did you ever wonder, “how the heck do I do that?” This happens to me on a regular basis […]

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A Furor in the House

 Photo by: Sarah McKenzie, artiste   “We’re going swimming next door!” my daughter Lindsay announced yesterday afternoon. “Really,” I said. I caught hint of dubiousness in my voice too late, slapped myself inwardly for not sounding more enthusiastic. Lindsay didn`t seem to notice.  “I was too shy,” she said, her voice light as a feather, […]

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