Where I’ve Needed to Be

I haven’t been here lately. I’ve been busy warming apple cider for my old daughter to take on her forty-minute drive to cheerleading practice. I found the biggest jug of cider in town, and she downed it in two days. I’ll go out and buy more before the day is out. I’ve brought my younger […]

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A Marriage Revealed on the Paintball Field

We suit up in camouflage flak jackets, protective face masks and gloves and then, after a thorough briefing, we’re each handed a weapon:  a shotgun about the size of a .22 gauge hunting rifle outfitted with a large hopper. Finally, we are handed the ammunition and we dump it into the hoppers by the hand-full. Dozens up […]

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Come With Me. Let’s Escape.

  The phone rings. “Come with me to Hatteras,” my husband says when I answer. “Come stay for two or three days. Pack your bathing suit.” He sounds a little out of breath. I can hear the muffled sounds of a busy airport in the background, the tinny voice of the public address system, the […]

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Tea Biscuits

I made tea biscuits from a store bought mix once. Just add milk. They weren’t nearly as good as this recipe from Juney. The mix version had a cakier quality and dissolved into a crumby mess with the first bite. I figure that if you have to eat a biscuit with a spoon, it ought […]

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Face Cloths & Trash Mountains

My sister and I sit at the dining room table, post-breakfast, half-finished coffee cups between us. We’re in Florida on a short holiday with our parents, a rare treat, since I can’t remember our even taking vacations together when we were kids, let alone at our advanced ages of forty-two and fifty-one. We’re fixed on […]

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Keepers Shortlist One Fine April Morning

Ok, some would say that this is not such a fine April morning. It is grey outside, overcast, windy, the sky showing no promise of the sun ever breaking through. I am happy to be here though, at the dining room table in my Florida winter home, happy to be sitting at my laptop, typing,  my […]

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