Paradise Reconsidered

We’ve had this place for eleven years now. A two-story, three bedroom condo tucked away in a quiet town called Jupiter on the Atlantic coast of Florida. We bought it in 2004, the year of the big hurricanes, Charlie, Francis, Ivan and Jeanne. I remember my first trip here and seeing the detritus that still lay […]

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James Blue and Overcast Grey

A couple of months ago, I decided to re-paint our ensuite bath after living with the same serene blue for almost fifteen years. I love this blue, chose it carefully after repeated trials with countless paint chips. Nothing too heavy, nothing too grey, just a deep, clear blue, the colour of dusk in a late […]

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Dandelions Rule

    This is my front lawn. Well, no, wait. That isn’t lawn, is it? ‘Lawn’ usually denotes Kentucky Bluegrass (the short, spindly and green kind, not the twangy, rich and bluesy). This is my front yard. No, wait. That isn’t right either. I really don’t like the connotation of ‘my’ in reference to expanses […]

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Keepers Shortlist One Fine April Morning

Ok, some would say that this is not such a fine April morning. It is grey outside, overcast, windy, the sky showing no promise of the sun ever breaking through. I am happy to be here though, at the dining room table in my Florida winter home, happy to be sitting at my laptop, typing,  my […]

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Prayer Beads & the Pursuit of Happiness

About a year ago, I bought some prayer beads from a little shop downtown. I don’t recall what prompted this acquisition, no doubt it was inspired by some article I’d read, a theory I’d latched onto. The beads are lovely, an irregular rainbow, copper next to coal-black next to mustard, pale mauve, Caribbean green. They […]

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