Roots, Shoots and Patience

I’m all for wildflowers in the summertime but when I notice a grove of sapling sumac taking root in my yard, I realize that I have to take action. Yes folks, this is my front yard. Not a traditional lawn, but rather a wildflower field that I keep reasonably well cropped. Admittedly, it doesn’t match […]

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Making Molehills out of Molehills

I can’t believe my good luck. Check this out: Yes! These are molehills. Real molehills! I am so excited! This is what they look like close up: Can you believe it? I mean how often does the Universe pitch you one right through the strike zone like this?  Will you or will you not, turn […]

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Dandelions Rule

    This is my front lawn. Well, no, wait. That isn’t lawn, is it? ‘Lawn’ usually denotes Kentucky Bluegrass (the short, spindly and green kind, not the twangy, rich and bluesy). This is my front yard. No, wait. That isn’t right either. I really don’t like the connotation of ‘my’ in reference to expanses […]

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