Roots, Shoots and Patience

I’m all for wildflowers in the summertime but when I notice a grove of sapling sumac taking root in my yard, I realize that I have to take action. Yes folks, this is my front yard. Not a traditional lawn, but rather a wildflower field that I keep reasonably well cropped. Admittedly, it doesn’t match […]

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My office is awash in slogans.  Little rectangles of paper taped on the front of my laptop stand or tucked under the glass top of my desk. Some are practical. One thing at a time. Horizontal surfaces are not for storage. Others offer stark admonishment: Do something restorative. Every day. Like I’m yelling at myself. […]

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A Marriage I Arranged Myself

  I’m headed out the door to the gym. It’s one o’clock in the afternoon, not my usual time to work out, but I need a break. I’ve been a cranky with my husband these last few days and, at the moment, I can barely stand to be in the same room with him.  My […]

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Sorry That I Wasn’t Sorry

“Why don`t people look?”  Her voice was an angry, rasping whisper. She was talking to me. Not directly. But still, that salvo was clearly aimed at me. I was hustling through the grocery store at noon on a Wednesday, running one of five “quick” errands I was wedging into the middle of my workday. Strawberries, […]

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White Towels, High Heat

“Mom, what are you doing?” my daughter asks.  I am kneeling in the upstairs hall, peering through the viewfinder of our SLR camera, taking photos of the laundry hanging over the foyer railing.   “I’m taking pictures for my blog. I’m going to write about the laundry.”   “Right,” she says. She heads back into her […]

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