Things I Can’t Take Part One: Meds

  Yikes. It is alarming to visit my blog and see blank space where my latest post should be. It’s been weeks since I’ve posted. Okay, four months. I’ve been away, descended again to that black country called Depression.  Exhaustion. Apathy. Disinterest. I continued to march, of course, because that is what the Primary Parent […]

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My Way or the Highway: the Work on the Road

  Have I mentioned that I am afraid of driving on highways? As in, heart-pounding, adrenaline-rushing, sweaty-handed death grip on the steering wheel afraid.  Controlled-access highways are especially terror-inducing.  Anywhere, for that matter, where it feels as though there is no means to escape, nowhere to safely pull over and breathe. Highways with box barriers […]

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