Easy Re-Entry

I am a book-lover. My whole family are book-lovers (granted, my older daughter may be more accurately described as a magazine-lover). We buy books by the arm-load on a regular basis. Consequently, this is an easy point of entry for any de-cluttering project. What books will I read again? What books will serve as useful reference in the future? Is it something I want to keep? So, to jump-start my return to TIGA life, I planted myself in front of the curio cabinet-cum-bookcase and considered which books would have a continuing place in my life and which ones could safely be passed on. I came up with the stack above as candidates for re-admission to the free world. Luckily for me, our Florida condo has a sharing library so their disposal was as easy as a stroll to the pool complex.

A few weeks later, though, the joke was on me. My parents arrived and, always in search of a fresh read, my mom headed over to the pool to pick up some new books. What did she choose? Three that I had just taken over! They are now sitting on my dining room table. Oh well. I know that she, too, will re-release them after enjoying.  What more can I ask?

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