Things I Gave Away: Today’s Shortlist

  • to the Goodwill:
  • a bagful of my clothes including some distinctly unsexy flannette pajamas (I think I can hear my husband cheering somewhere off in the background);
  • a bagful of kids’ clothes, unexamined by myself, chosen and gathered by my older daughter — thus energized, she then went on to rout out and re-organizer her younger sibling’s homework binder (must be genetic…)
  • 3 magazines and 2 catalogues that I will never get around to reading, along with a stack of books that I don’t value enough to read again (that’s the ‘keeper’ rule)
  • a stack of fridge charts reminding me to drink 8 glasses of water and take my vitamins (this would be mothering-thyself-via-checklist)
  • a beautifully mounted gymnastics poster, graciously accepted by our local gym club

and I’m just getting warmed up…..!

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