Warrior Girl Dashing….T-24 and counting

Yes, I really did landscape my yard with old tires

Warrior Dash!
Today’s Training:

  • 2 1-mile laps on my bike
  • 3 warrior circuits:
    • a dash through the pine forest, dodging low-hanging, eyeball-threatening branches,
    • 5 laps of the tires (and may I point out that is uphill)
    • Sprint to the playground , and
    • clamber across the monkey bars and back again
  • 2 1-mile laps on my bike
  • 1 warrior circuit, in reverse, whereupon I decided I was tired and wandered into the pine forest and danced like a fool safe in the knowledge that my neighbours couldn’t see me. As if it matters. After making like a monkey across the top of my kids’ childhood playground, trotting like a mad fool through a bunch of old tires, weaving my mountain bike through the tree line in my yard, what’s a little dancing?


Lyric of the Day: “Let’s not make mountains out of molehills”
Love the Way You Lie, Part II, Rihanna and Eminem

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