Warrior Girl Dashing…T-23 and counting

Car-to-Kitchen Interval Training

Today’s Training:

  • 1 1-mile lap on my feet, running
  • 3 1-mile laps walking

Yeah, I know lame. Brings up guilt I still for walking a section of the course in the GB cross-country finals in 1982. You’d think a person would let go of things like that, but no, I can still see the coach standing waiting as I rounded a corner….walking. Oh, the shame of it.

Note the trunkful of groceries, however. That was four or five circuits worth of heavy lifting, thus explaining my generally decent overall fitness level (as in, yes, I can do a couple dozen pushups with no trouble at all, with one leg raised). This would be the fitness borne of necessity.

Lyric of the Day: “Aw, F—“, Raise Your Glass, Pink

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