Facing Down Dust Bunnies and Other Beasts

It started innocently enough. I knocked a saucer off the kitchen counter and onto the floor where it broke into four pieces, the first two landing at my feet, the third commandeered by my cat as a toy and the fourth missing in action. I looked all over the kitchen for that final piece, crawling […]

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Love Your Life. Every Minute of It.

I’ve been away these last several months, away from here, these words in space. My journey has gone on, my intention hasn’t changed, but a lot of the material that’s come up has been too personal to share here. Maybe I needed time to sort through it. To see what was right in front of […]

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Bear With Me

I haven’t been here for a while, but with good reason. I have finished a complete draft of my first book. Really! So, you’ll have to forgive my being away, and I have to forgive myself. I may be hit and miss in the weeks ahead, too. Please bear with me. Bear with me. That […]

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Kicking Full-Assed Out the Door

Last week I wrote about my delight in finding a book for people who were prepared to get full-assed. You know, half-assed efforts bring half-assed results so let’s do the fully monty, so to speak.I thought that was hilarious. I still think it’s hilarious. But being hilarious is really where it ends for me, because […]

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Why I Do This

I am working on an updated mission for this, my beloved TIGA blog, and it brings me to that most fundamental of all questions. Why do I do this? There are so many reasons. Writing is a solace, and a playground, but above all, it is my way through, my way to make sense of […]

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