Top 10 Essays

Driving Lessons  Why the same parent should always sit in the passenger seat.

Bear With Me  A moment of parental anxiety eased by the grace of mindfulness.

How to Burn the Bottom Off a Stainless Steel Pot  Adventures in multitasking.

Not a Cross Word Between Us The bonding power of crossword puzzles.

Endangered Species in London  A romp through the traffic signs in London.

Rituals and Raspberry Afros  Navigating a tough conversation with my teenage daughter.

Too Many Pants and One Gray Cat Who knew cats were so wise about de-cluttering?

Facing Down the Dust Bunnies What cleaning and meditation have in common.

I’m Keeping the Name  The post that launched my life as Warrior Girl.

A Marriage Revealed on the Paintball Field Hand your spouse a paintball gun and the truth shall out.

Archives List

100 Things: Idiot De-Cluttering and Other Things I Learned
100 Things: Stepping out of Clutter
A Furor in the House
A Marriage I Arranged Myself
A Marriage Revealed on the Paintball Field
A One Bedroom Apartment with a Plant
A Password Worth Keeping
A Short Excerpt from The Laundry List
A Stone Necklace for Mother Earth
Alone but not Lonely. And Still Writing.
An Open Heart and a Silver Key
And Now for the Ancient Admiral Kitchen Stove
Are You a Buddhist? Lawyers, Labels, Rituals and Me
Be Strong. Be Safe. Have Fun.
Bear With Me
Books I Never Read & Dustbunnies I’m Going to Keep
Broken Spoons, Gone to Pieces
Chuck the Checklist, Bring the Passport
Clean Sweep, Fresh Start
Close Mouth, Open Heart.
Come With Me. Let’s Escape.
Coming Home
Dandelions Rule
De-Cluttering my Daughter’s Desk
Driving Lessons
Dumping Superwoman
Easy Re-Entry
Eating with the Food in Mind
Endangered Species: Pedestrians in London
Face Cloths & Trash Mountains
Facing Down Dust Bunnies and Other Beasts
From Thermos to Whine
From What I Gave Away to What I Choose to Keep
Gardening, Shmardening: Wallowing about in the Dirt
Getting Along Well With Others: The Inverse Email Response Time Rule
Getting Back on Track: the Repost
Guilty as Charged: I’m an UDDer
How to Burn the Bottom Off a Stainless Steel Pot
I’m Keeping the Name: Warrior Girl Returns
It’s not Fashion. It’s Mission.
James Blue and Overcast Grey
Just Stuffing
Keepers Shortlist One Fine April Morning
Keepers Shortlist: Easter Sunday
Keeping it in the Family: Taking our Daughters to Work
Kicking Full-Assed Out the Door
Kite in a Tree: the Republic of Play
Knitting Class
Life on the Bandwagon
Little Tikes Kitchen: Pass it On
Love Amidst the Refrigerator Magnets
Love Your Life. Every Minute of It.
Making Molehills out of Molehills
Mark My Words or, Something Funny Happened on the Way to a Writer’s Conference
Married to a T
Missing the School Bus. Seizing the Day.
Mom, Can You Hand Me _____________?
My 100th Post: What Grace Looks LIke
My Own Best Teacher
My Way or the Highway: the Work on the Road
Not a Cross Word Between Us
One Trophy I Kept
Paradise Reconsidered
Parting Words: Unusual
Party Pooper: I love you, let’s try not to judge
Prayer Beads & the Pursuit of Happiness
Prayer Beads, Buddha & Books
Random Acts of Sharing: Chicken Pecan Salad des Étrangers Gentils
Rewriting the story, Rewiring Marriage, Rediscovering the Prince
Rituals and Raspberry Afros
Road Testing the Mood-o-Meter
Roots, Shoots and Patience
Shelving Self-Help
Shoveling Out from Under
Signs of Life from London
Small Acts
SMOOTHIE RULES – the marital hazards of blended fruit
Sorry That I Wasn’t Sorry
Speaking of Detours…
Stuff I Gave Away – Today’s Shortlist
Swearing Off Sweaters
T-13 Warrior Girl Dashing
T-14 Warrior Girl Dashing
T-15 Warrior Girl Reporting Late
Taking the Edge off Work
Tea Biscuits
The Best Mother’s Day Gift Ever
The Best Text Ever
The Boomerang Effect: Promises Made and Newton’s Third Law of Motion
The Field Between
The First Principles of Laundry: Part Two
The Gift I won’t Unwrap this Christmas
The Headache Theory Re-Examined: Flying by the Seats of our Pants
The Miracle of Ziplock® Containers
The Next Chapter: Recommitting to Giving Away
The Titantic or the deck chairs: the choice is yours or, uh, mine actually
The Windsurfer Stays
Things I Can’t Take Part One: Meds
Things I Could Really Live Without: the Dining Room Table
Things I Gave Away: First Post
Things I Gave Away: Today’s Shortlist
Things I Gave Away: Today’s Shortlist
Things I Let Go Of & What Remains: My Martial Art
Too Many Pants and One Grey Cat
Training with a One Hundred and Eighty Pound Mosquito
Transitions: Taking My Daughter to University & Finding My Own Wings
Trophies I Gave Away
Trophies to Give Away, Memories to Keep
Warrior Girl Dashing ….T-22 and counting
Warrior Girl Dashing ….T-3 and Counting
Warrior Girl Dashing with creaky knees….T-8 and counting
Warrior Girl Dashing, er, Climbing…T-7 and counting
Warrior Girl Dashing… Race Day
Warrior Girl Dashing… T-6 and counting
Warrior Girl Dashing…. T-18 and counting, but not eating enough
Warrior Girl Dashing….T-12 and counting
Warrior Girl Dashing….T-19 and counting
Warrior Girl Dashing….T-21 and counting
Warrior Girl Dashing….T-24 and counting
Warrior Girl Dashing….T-25 and counting
Warrior Girl Dashing…T-10 and counting
Warrior Girl Dashing…T-11 and counting
Warrior Girl Dashing…T-23 and counting
Warrior Girl Dashing…T-4 and counting
Warrior Girl Dashing…T-9 and counting
Warrior Girl Psyching Up…T-1 and counting
Warrior Girl Resting….T-20 and counting
Warrior Girl Riding Uphill…T-5 and counting
Warrior Girl Sick….T-17 and counting
Warrior Girl Walking… T-2 and counting
We’re Keeping the Trampoline..
When the Mole Hills Fail You… Expect a Rainbow
When You Meet a Crazy Man at the Stoplight
Where I’ve Needed to Be
White Towels, High Heat
Why I Do This
Why I Won’t Tell You What I Do for a Living

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