The Miracle of Ziplock® Containers

We are keeping the plastic Ziplock® containers! My husband suggested I use old margarine tubs, for pete’s sakes. Clearly he isn’t the one who runs the kitchen. You try facing a half-dozen identical margarine containers stuffed into the freezer. Label them? Are you kidding me? Do you know how much time that takes, and – what? – are you going to label all four sides? Do you think you can count on having the one labeled side facing out all the time? And have you seen my hand-writing anyway? You expect me to be able to read that? And, no, I am not going to use my fancy-pants Dymo® label-maker for labeling all four sides and the top of individual margarine containers. Not happening! Yes, yes, I know I’m supposed to date them, too, but, tell you what, I’ve got a day job. And furthermore, old margarine containers are round and that just adds up to a gigantic waste of precious freezer space. Efficiency, people! Honestly. So. Case closed. We are keeping the Ziplock®.

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