Are You a Buddhist? Lawyers, Labels, Rituals and Me

  I recently spoke at a business conference for entrepreneurs about how to choose a business name. When I finished my short presentation, I put my hands together at my chest in prayer and bowed slightly to the audience. I didn’t plan to do this. The gesture was automatic, unconscious, surprising even me. Perhaps it […]

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Parting Words: Unusual

Yesterday I found myself sitting at a small table at Quiznos in Palm Beach International Airport, grounded while a violent thunderstorm raged outside. I was grateful, actually, for the respite, a chance to sit down and eat something substantial (as in all the food groups) rather than wolfing down a muffin and latte while sprinting […]

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Lawyerisms: turns of phrase used by lawyers, including me, that cause members of the general public to furrow their brow in response, as in can you not say that in plain English? Therefore, I hereby undertake to cease and desist from their further use.

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