Coming Home

It’s been ages since I’ve been here. Almost two years. In that time, I’ve thought, repeatedly, that I should let go of this blog and WarriorGirl, these online homes I dreamt up, crafted and tended with such care for so long. I let them go, abandoned them. I let them grow weedy with de-activated plug-ins. Isn’t that […]

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Roots, Shoots and Patience

I’m all for wildflowers in the summertime but when I notice a grove of sapling sumac taking root in my yard, I realize that I have to take action. Yes folks, this is my front yard. Not a traditional lawn, but rather a wildflower field that I keep reasonably well cropped. Admittedly, it doesn’t match […]

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Paradise Reconsidered

We’ve had this place for eleven years now. A two-story, three bedroom condo tucked away in a quiet town called Jupiter on the Atlantic coast of Florida. We bought it in 2004, the year of the big hurricanes, Charlie, Francis, Ivan and Jeanne. I remember my first trip here and seeing the detritus that still lay […]

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